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Producing high quality pipes is only half of our work. Pipelife helps you to realize your project from the start to the beginning. We help analysing the feasability, assist in planning and designing, manage contracts and support also after finalization of the project.

Our goal is to answer every question as fast as possible – ideally even before it pops up. In our product pages, catalogs, brochures, video archive, project databases, BIM Portal, Academy, news section and certifications list we try to provide you every information you need.

If you need more informations or special solutions, want to request a quote or look for a wholesaler or contractor near you, just get in touch with us. We will find the right contact for you, so that your question can be answered in the shortest possible time.

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News and Projects

Teaser Text NEWS: Major projects, amazing innovations, important partnerships, additional services, new faces... There are many news worth reading in the world of Pipelife. We keep you informed about everything that happens.

PROJECTS: Pipelife has the know-how and experience to run even the most challenging projects. We can handle special conditions and work on a large scale. Check our projects database and see, what we are able to realize.


Downloads: Catalogs, Brochures & Certifikations

Teaser Text Certifications: Pipelife products are certified against the most important national and international standards. But many of our products are even beyond indsutrial standards, that’s why are awarded with some of the most prestigious quality seals.

Catalogs & Brochures: Our download section contains brochures for our systems and solutions as well as catalogs with our whole product portfolio. From huge pipes to small fittings, here you find the product you need.

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Are you looking for informations you can’t find. Do you need a quote, a special solution or assistance with the planning? Just get in touch with our team via mail, phone, chat or the contact form. We will find the right counterpart for you.

Jobs & Career

You want to become part of the Pipelife family? Here you can find open positions and contacts for your applications. Also you can learn what it means to be part of Pipelife and why Pipelife has such a good standing as employer.


A picture is worth are thousand words – especially if it is a moving one. Our video collection contains installation instructions, product presentations, production and glimpses from behind the scenes at Pipelife.


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About Pipelife

Based in 26 countries, we provide communities around the world with safe, healthy and carefree living for current and future generations.


Communities around the world rely on Quality, Service and Know-How from Pipelife.

We are one of the world’s leading providers of plastic pipe solutions for infrastructure, buildings and agriculture projects and present in 26 countries.

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