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Pipelife Glass-Fiber Reinforced Composite Pipes have 3 layers. Inner and outer layers of Pipelife composite pipes are made of PP-R. The middle layer is a composite material made of PP-R and glass-fiber that increases the pressure resistance of the pipe and decreases the thermal expansion.

Therefore Pipelfie Composite Pipes can be used safely and have long service life in hot water, heating and high-pressure systems.

Advantages of Pipelife Composite PP-R Pipes:

·High performance and high resistance to pressure.

·Can be welded with standard welding machines, eliminating need to peel ends.

·Do not sag when used for hot water transport.

·Low thermal elongation thanks to lower thermal expansion coefficient, resulting in less bracket consumption and reduced cost.

·High cracking and shock resistance, even in cold weather.

·Lower heat losses compared to other pipes.

·Long lasting under high temperatures compared to regular pipes, making it very suitable for use in heating systems.

·No alga, scale or bacterium formation.

·Come in a wide range of sizes from Ø20mm to Ø125mm with two different pressure ranges for each size.

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